This is my old blog, I've stopped blogging here and moved to (English) and (Arabic)


Resume of CV: 
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About me :

I am Embedded Systems Engineer, Programmer and systems designer, Mozilla rep, Writer and Blogger, and Artist.

I have a passion for technology, science and arts. Founder of mookhtabar project. In my area, the people call me a scientist but I call my self a thinker. 

I am a researcher of science and knowledge without restrictions, and I am against all the trivialities that have been built to impede our freedom towards culture and real knowledge.

Academic Education :
* Master degree in Electronic of Embedded Systems (Embedded systems hardware)
2017-2019  M'sila university
Third place in graduates

* Bachelor's degree in Electronic 
2014-2017  M'sila university
Second place in graduates

* Baccalaureate degree in experimental sciences

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