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Why have I been using GNU/Linux based Operating System ? (In normal life)

Whenever someone sees my desktop or laptop screen directly ask me: "What is this?", I tell them it is a GNU/Linux based operation system, and they are responding to me Why you use it? and more other questions. I can collect all these questions in one question: Why have I been using GNU/Linux based operation system?  

In the beginning, we need to know GNU/Linux! GNU/Linux is two things: the Linux, it is an operating system, in GNU/Linux, Linux is the kernel or the core of the system.  and GNU, it is a set of free software tools for use with Unix and Unix-like operating systems such as Linux.
Most of GNU/Linux based operating systems are open source and free, and the word "free" is mean freedom, we use the shortcut word "FOSS" to talk about it, and FOSS's or Free and Open Source Software's are those that have licenses that allow users to freely run the program from any purpose, modify the program as they want, and also to freely distribute copies of either the original version or their own modified version. Most of FOSS's Softwares and operating systems have developed by volunteers. 
the Operating system that builds from a FOSS operating system we call it distro or distribution. When I writing this article I use the elementary OS, it is based on Ubuntu and Ubuntu is based on Debian and Debian is based on gnu/Linux. For a long time I use Ubuntu, and I have used elementary os because the "gnome interface" is not working perfectly on my laptop. There is talk about Ubuntu, this talk is about Ubuntu isn't a FOSS operating system, because Ubuntu uses a non-FOSS software of the drivers, in the word of the Free and open-source, a close part means there is a difficulty to modify and distribute the code source, but I use it because my laptop need these drivers to work perfectly!
 This picture shows the development of the Linux distribution to 2007:

After this introduction, why have I been using  GNU/Linux based operating system
The first reason: GNU/Linux Based operating system is Free (Freedom) and open source and for the most it is free 
When I say about something it is open source and free that means technically, the problems or "the bug's" will fix quickly, because the community of the developers is so big, and there are many distributions, for that we feel the freedom of the choose and security, in example you can choose the interface that you need to put it above you OS, this is amazing and you can't do it in other operating systems. The other thing is free (you don't need to pay to use it), I respect the developers for that I didn't use Windows (after my best friend give my Windows Kay, I use it some time to work with some softwares that I can't run it in Linux ), so I can't use a software without I pay to use it and I respect the developers because I'm also developer and I know what is the feeling when someone use my work without my permissions. 

This video from Algeria Free Software Association and GNU / Linux Interview with Dr. Richard Stallman titled What is Free Software:

The second reason: GNU/Linux Based operating system is secure 

When compere between GNU/Linux based OS and other OS in the market, it is so secure; the viruses are absence and when using OS like Windows you can't imagine what I tell you now. You can use Windows softwares by a tool call it wine, but the software work inside this tool and if there is a virus, the virus effect just the tool non the OS files or your private files, for that you don't need antivirus. another thing, if you need to install something you need to add the admin password, so this is a good thing because when you put the webcam in root or admin so you need the admin password before you can use it.

Auto devises Drivers detection 

If you have used Windows, and after the install, you need to install the devices drivers; Microsoft works in Windows 10 to support the auto-detection of the drives, but in Linux distro like Ubuntu all the drives detect auto, for that you don't need the CD of the drivers.

Many Software's .. open-source .. and for Free 

Morally I don't accept the idea of using cracked softwares, for me it like destroying the developers. For that in Gnu/Linux, most of the softwares are open source and for free, even if you need a .exe software (windows Software) there is a tool called "wine", it can run windows softwares without any problems. So you can connect to the internet, you can programming, write ... 
See this list: link   

Stable and speed 

I didn't feel that my laptop in full health with Windows, yes this is feeling but with technical reasons. the first reason is the Linux kernel because the Linux kernel is from big kernel family and all the files like drivers or file system managers in the same place so the connection between the components is so speeding. In other, Windows kernel is from the micro-kernel family, this type has few functions just what needs the system to work and other services in another place. 

This table resumes the difference between the type of the kernels:


The beauty ... choose   

In Linux, the interface is separate from the kernel, for that you can use what you need in the kernel (root file) and you can use the interface you love or need. For my experience, when Ubuntu has gone from unity interface to gnome interface, my laptop can't run the gnome interface without making a crash, so, I have gone to the pantheon interface with elementary OS and elementary OS based ubuntu, so I just like I change the interface.
This is some of the most Linux interfaces:
Mate interface based on Gnome 2

pantheon interface

Unity 7 interface

The deepin os interface is built using html5

Gnome interface

Unity 8 interface
 This is just a small part of the available interfaces, and you can change the design of any interface to Material design or Mac OS design, you can change the icons, the fonts, without any problem or crash, and not like windows because I try to change Windows interface and it crashes.

You can see this video, that I have made to see how I change gnome interface to be like Mac OS:

And see this picture, this is not Windows but this is gnome interface with the theme of Windows 10 to gnome: 

The terminal (shell)  

For me, the one of the power point in Linux/gnu distro is the terminal, and I like the famous sentence in Linux community that says: " avery things in Linux is a file ", so if you put CD in you laptop that runs by Linux, the Linux see the CD as a file, for that you can copy the CD like a file, and just by the terminal you can make a .ISO from this file by one line. because I'm an Embedded systems engineer, I tested to receive a data of the temperature from Arduino board to a text file, this is so simple in Linux because the system sees the board like a file for that to save the data from Arduino to file, just make a "bash script" that explain copy past from Arduino to text file. I see that I need to write an article about that 💭

Re-Life the old computers

If you have an old pc, you can use it again by a Linux distro, there are distros that use just 100 MB (see this: click here); there is another use just 9 Mb or 16 Mb (see this: click here).

Linux avery where
is Linux use just in computers? noooo, Linux is power very large devices like plans, cars, smartphones and more. 

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