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The truth from this chaos

What if the most thing we miss in this “information time “is the truth? What's the truth?. Now, all the people write but when you look inside it, it is the same from the Media to the Social Media, I don’t mean one thing or it's a one form but a different things make a paradox in our minds not make a way to the truth.

The truth, for me is the most thing I search it. Before I talk about anything I get a long time, I look into the articles, books and pictures, I make calls ... and in the end and with a chaotic information I get a small idea, just a small wire help me to understand what makes my mind just a stable for a small time. 

In the other, I see a big part from the social talking like a "truth man" or " truth woman " or exactly " like they have the truth ", without thinking about any things, just for the first looking to the newspapers or watching the red bar in the bellow of the news … This method to create a contain, example in Facebook, and talk like you have the truth will kill your mind, and after a period of time you will lost yourself and you can’t again try to search, or think, or be yourself, you well be just a copy , like you copy any things without think.

This is not just an idea, I writing to tell the people about it, this is a big problem, and I need to all who read these words to get a deep think to it. We need to make a change, we need many thinkers not many people know information or share a information’s without any analyse, the share or the talking is easy, the difficult is how to get the perfect information to make the wire of the truth from this chaos of the information’s.

In somewhere, I read an idea, is talking about the mind, the mind don’t like to think, because the think need more and more energy, and the energy need the food, and the food is the problem because the mind think there is a limited resources of the food, for that the mind try to low the consumption of the energy by limited the think, so from all that to be a thinker you need to be a strong, because you will working in the beginning at different way from the nature (if the idea is true). And day after day, you get the power of the think, and your mind will stop limited you. 

The news, the press .. it get a one story from the stories and it talk about it like the truth, this is why I don't have a TV in my room, because if I have, I losing my time to watching just one story from what happen.     

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